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Joining Didsbury Runners

Didsbury Runners aims to be an open, inclusive, and encouraging club for all who wish to run and be active. It also has a strong volunteering ethos. We hope you will embrace these aims during your time with Didsbury Runners


Trial session

We encourage people to give us a try before they sign up. If you’d like to do this, just complete this short form and you’ll be eligible to attend one Monday evening run free of charge.


How to become a member

If you wish to join Didsbury Runners you simply need to fill in the following form:

Membership Registration Form (Q1 2024)

The membership fee for the remainder of 2023-24 is reduced to £5 for those joining Jan-Mar. This allows you to attend Didsbury Runners events until the end of the membership year - 31st March 2024. 

Please note that this fee is non-refundable so joining us on a trial evening is recommended!


Benefits and Activities of Membership

The following attempts to give an outline of the benefits and weekly activities the club normally is able to provide.


As a member of Didsbury Runners you will be free to attend at any point during the year with no minimum attendance required 

As a member you are eligible to:

  • attend all Didsbury Runners organised weekly runs (info on these can be found here)
  • attend all Didsbury Runners organised events and socials
  • be a member of the Didsbury Runners Members-only Facebook and Strava groups and thus access to the community organised runs and socials.
  • attend any general meeting including the AGM* and vote on club matters such as committee elections and membership fees.
  • Become Affiliated to England Athletics under the Didsbury Runners name (and join our cross-country team if you wish)
  • access discounts with Didsbury Runners affiliated organisations

 * note that the Annual General Meeting occurs in April, at the start of the membership year, so joining midway through a year will not present the opportunity to attend this until the following membership year.